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Family Tree

He wakes up really early in the morning. He drinks his coffee and reads the paper. My dad is full spirited. When he comes home from work he never fails to share his stories and anecdotes from his work. Nevertheless, he still manages to lay down his rules. If one of us fails to follow it, we sure will have a serious spanking. This is probably because he was a teacher, and now, is currently working as a superintendent of schools. His job requires him to teach the rules and at the same time follow them.
On the other hand, there's my mom. My mom is of medium height, not that tall nor is she short. She has brown hair and blue eyes. My mom is a hard working and talkative woman. She prefers to stay at home to decorate the house and tend to the cooking, which my dad loves. His favorite food is muchos burritos. He would eat that every lunch that my mother brings to him in school. She loves to cook and start small projects that could potentially earn her extra income. She especially loves dancing and sewing. Her favorite pieces to work on are throw pillow cases and curtains. These are easy to make and sell at the same time. Samba is her favorite stress reliever. During her younger years, she would join contests will surely grab the award. She's really the best. Pap adores my mother; he always says "When I met your mother, I thought she was a caliente exquisite woman of an exotic beauty". ...
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For this paper, I'll be focusing on my immediate family members. My immediate family members are my father, my mother and my sister. All in all, there are four people in my family including me, and our adorable pequeo chihuahua My latino family is quite unique and special…
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