Moral Permissibility of Some Abortions

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The aim of this thesis is to study the ethical factors that influence moral permissibility of abortion. The document includes the analysis of literature review dealing with intricacies of philosophical and ethical issues inherent in controversial topic. The structure of study framework accommodates the objections, alternative perspective factors and connection between ideas to understand holistic perspective of the subject for arriving at conclusion of the paper.


The purpose of this document is to support the pro-life arguments for protecting the life of child rather than pro-choice arguments for moral permissibility of abortion based on Thomson's analogies.
Thomson applies series of analogies to prove pro-abortion arguments considering violinist scenario as base for all the relationship. The core arguments of Thomson include three fundamental premises. The first premise emphasizes the moral permissibility of abortion to protect the life of women. The second premise argues for morality of abortion even if fetus is given the status of fully evolved person. Her third premise finds the activist supporting the pro-life arguments are based on false premises. The derivation of third premise brings the conclusion that nullifies the validity of every argument against abortion. She observes that there are no other cases like pregnancy. This is why she creates the violinist analogy to provide a similar kind of case even though she agrees that any such comparison is bizarre. I will analyze the reflection of Thomson's point of view at the various stages to develop my arguments. ...
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