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Evolution of Art

The Early Renaissance, spanning the 15th century, marked an era of broad cultural achievement as a result of renewed interest in the Classical Greek and Roman ideas. The Renaissance revived ancient forms and content, and the spiritual content of paintings changed from devotional to classically humanized. Classical artists, like Donatello, Verrocchio and Botticelli, introduced principles like realistic expression, harmonious proportion, and rational postures in their work. High Renaissance, which marked the climax of Renaissance art, is considered a natural evolution of Humanism. Art reached its peak of technical competence, rich artistic imagination and heroic composition. Characteristically, Renaissance Classicism was a form of art that removed the extraneous detail and showed the world as it was. The titans of this era included Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael Sanzio. However, in Late Renaissance, a technique named Mannerism became widely prominent. The art of Mannerism, contrary to that of the High Renaissance, was full of clashing colours, disquieting figures with abnormally elongated limbs, and often torturous-looking emotions and bizarre themes.
The Renaissance movement in Europe was soon followed by the Baroque period, which brought in a style that struck a perfect balance between the graphic and the pictori ...
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Art during the Medieval Ages can be best described as primitively religious. The paintings of this period shunned reality for dogma- with the artists drawing inspiration from the authority of the Church, and the major styles in use being Romanesque and Gothic…
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