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Essay example - The Hot Pursuit of Cool Teen Behavior

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The teenagers of today have attracted the prime attention of marketing who are enthusiastic to spend huge amounts of money in order to develop strategies and research the types of potential products which the teenagers would probably desire to obtain. "Cool hunting", is thus the name given to this study and research for the trends and products that the youth would be attracted to…

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The youth and teens are instantly drawn to these images thereby desiring them. Following this replication, the media observes the interaction among the adolescents and then create new images to fit with the latest trend, and so on. The important question here is the authenticity of the images of the prevalent teen culture ardently pursued by the youth, which is shaped by the advertisement conglomerates, whose sole purpose is the sale and profits of their businesses, regardless of the protection and protection of the true teen American culture and identity.
The 'cool' youth culture is actually known to have been initiated in the 1980s when parents began to spend more and more on the needs and desires of their children, as a result of the onset of the nuclear family systems coupled with the double income from both working parents. This also happens to be the period when conglomerates began their cold wars with each other in order to hook the teens into buying their brands and maintain loyalty towards their brands. Marketing and selling acquired a major role in the process, where marketing companies began to hire spies, to inculcate the 'cool' teen behavior into their advertisements, in order to lure the youth into buying their products. ...
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