Ban on smoking in public places

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This seven page paper presents a detailed examination of the ban on smoking in public places in the state of New York. The writer takes the reader through an exploratory journey where the history and the law enactments are discussed. In addition the impact the ban has had on society both socially and financially are examined.


Even then researchers had concerns about the hazards of smoking as they pertained to second hand smoke and people who inhaled it(Comfort pp 14). Commonly referred to as passive smoke, those who were around smoke without actually smoking themselves soon proved to have several definitive health risks associated with being near the smoke and inhaling it through passive (second hand methods).
"Medical concerns about the dangers of passive smoking--inhaling other people's tobacco smoke--can be traced back to the 1920s, and there is also now a widespread consensus that such passive smoking can cause disease. Other people's tobacco smoke, either from the burning tip of a cigarette or the smoke that is exhaled by the smoker, is classed as a known human carcinogen by the US Environmental Protection Agency(Comfort pp 14). "
For the most part public place for the purpose of legislative ban incorporated any "enclosed or semi-enclosed area that members of the public have access to which provides a business or a service including workplaces, buildings and public transport(Comfort pp 14). "
"Direct benefits revolve mainly about respiratory health, and regular exposure to smoke may trigger asthma in infants and young children. ...
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