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Implementing Strategies

Implementation mainly involves the activation oaf the strategy and how it will be operating and monitoring of the strategy
Organization or the corporate culture is values in terms of the beliefs, experiences and attitudes within an organisation. This involves the steps which are usually taken to achieve the goals in a firm, it more so includes the general guidelines and the steps taken by the members within an organization in reference to all the activities in the organization. It's the senior management which usually determine the corporate culture which further reflects the corporate goals and objectives which are transmitted to the workforce.
The identity of o corporate is the image of the firm which is reflected by the relationship of the firm within its self and the external environment which may include the customers, the government and the competitors.
Depending with the type of the organization culture existing in a firm, it may affect the implementation and formulation of strategies at different levels this is because in broad-spectrum corporate culture consists of control systems, paradigm, organizational structures, routines and rituals.
This is the first stage of strategy formulation, generally the idea is of the strategy is examined from the point of view of w ...
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Strategy formulation involves a critical look at a strategy idea to build an up an all round beneficial idea after careful weighing it various components of the strategy. Once a strategy has been identified there begins a process of progressing more detailed preparation and analysis of strategy plan which involves a number of steps.
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