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Design of Heat Transfer for a Chemical Reactor

The instrumentation part includes putting in place the correct system such as closed loop control system, sensors and pneumatic valves for control of flow rate and temperatures.
Much appreciation goes out to all the persons responsible in several ways for the success of this research, mostly to those who have made me gain much more than what the scholastic aspects of the course could have accorded. Much gratitude also goes to my lecturer for the basic knowledge he has provided in class.
Production of Acrylic acid starts with propylene being partially oxidized in a fluidized -bed reactor. Propylene is broken down to acrolein in the process of getting catalytic gas at an oxidation stage. This takes place in presence of oxygen gas.
The fluidized-bed reactor includes a packed-bed with a stirred tank that creates continuous flow reactors. It must posses some good characteristics of both heat and mass transfers. Substrates moves upwards through the bed which is immobilized with enzyme at high velocity which moves the particles up leading to though mixing. The reactor is normally used in highly exothermic reactions because it clears local hot-spots simply because of the mass and heat characteristics the fluidized -bed reactor has. The substrates are normally catalytic material where chemical reactants are given support. ...
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The present fluidized-bed reactors are not designed to perfection hence runs inefficiently giving poor results. This calls for the needs of coming up with accurate design parameters for the fluidized -bed reactor which can achieve maximum efficiency in operations…
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