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Sainsbury's Environmental Policies

Stern estimates that 1% of UK gross domestic product must be spent on tackling climate change, leading to a 25% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. If measures are not taken before then and temperatures increase by 5C, Stern warns, rising sea levels could put London underwater.
The UK will implement a climate change bill, proposing a 60% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 which was highlighted by the Queen's Speech during the state opening of parliament in November 2007. If global greenhouse gas emissions have not decreased by the end of 2015, then our chances of restraining climate change to within the two degrees " safety line diminish daily. The scientific data demands: the peaking of emissions within eight years, worldwide cuts of 60 per cent by 2030, and 80 per cent or more by 2050. Above two degrees, the possibility of crossing "tipping points" in the earth's system will result in the collapse of the Amazon rainforest and the release of methane from the Siberian permafrost is higher.
The prospects for carbon recycling are huge primarily through new generation clean WTE, biomass cultivation (which covers the plantation of many trees and grasses depending on local soil and weather conditions) or by directly coursing flue gases through algae cultures to generate fast growing algae by the ton (with oil, ethanol and protein for animal feed squ ...
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Climate change is a complex issue that requires a multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral response. The UK retailing industry needs to come up with a coordinated response to the climate change. Sainsbury is responsible for taking the led on this issue as it is the current market leader of this industry…
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