Write a Rhetorical Analysis on Naomi Klein's "Don't Fence Us in" (400450 words) - Essay Example

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Write a Rhetorical Analysis on Naomi Klein's "Don't Fence Us in" (400450 words)

Klein's essay uses the metaphor of the fence to describe the barriers that come up every time capitalist policies are enforced. The fence here can be virtual as to stop or paralyze people from exercising their freedom The fence can real and visible, as when governments or powerful groups prop up security apparatuses to keep out workers or activists from getting too close in their protests against capitalism. She describes capitalism as the all-source or origin of state policies such as privatization, of World Bank missives to borrower-governments dictating fiscal or budgetary priorities, and to the recent phenomenon of globalization. On the other hand, she also writes that capitalism is dismantling "necessary fences" such as the one protecting schools from being invaded by advertisements, an example of a public space being overtaken by the private sphere.
Klein's essay is a one-sided attack against capitalism in general and as an ideology. The purpose is to dominate and discredit capitalism for being the all-source of the negative manifestations of privatization, of the continuing debate on free trade and globalization and of even on the issue of what are behind genetically-modified food. Her arguments are too all-embracing as they try to tackle several issues all at once, and point to one single cause, capitalism. ...
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The issue of how capitalism erect barriers that keep out parts of society from enjoying their rights to exercise their freedom and to partake in their share of resources such as water, electricity and education has been tied to policies such as privatization…
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