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Religious Education - Essay Example

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The use of technology has become an inevitable part of human life. I personally use technology in my everyday life to acquire information or sometimes, send some out. It is not only the convenience, but actually, the need for immediate communication and speedy transactions that requires the use of technology…

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Religious Education

In religious education, there are many aspects wherein the use of technology plays a very important role, maybe not the primary role but one that would further improve religious edification a long way. Just as ordinary internet surfing could seem so pointless; it can actually be utilized to serve as an avenue to propagate God's words. There are already some websites that enable Bible verse searching where in you can actually read the Bible in different versions and multilingual translations. One of these websites is the American Bible Society. In one of their homepage ads it says, 2"Bible poverty is as widespread as physical poverty". Imagine what difference it would make in society if the greater part of the youth is searching the internet for Bible verses instead of watching pornography online. Millions of websites are hosted over the World Wide Web for different operations; mostly for business and personal use some are even scams. It's amazing how we can take advantage of this technology to counter many malicious undertakings by making Christian doctrines available and easy to access. If the word of God is made more visible, noticeable, and most of all, accessible, it would not merely be a book hidden in shelves inside people's houses, and surely more people would pay attention to them at the least.
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