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"In the wake of the Titanicmania, several critics took on these broader questions. Frank Rich observed in the New York Times that Titanic "was destined to be truer to 1997 than 1912, no matter how faithfully the director, James Cameron, reproduced every last brandy sniffer of the White Star Line."
One of the primary accurate accounts that the movie faithfully acknowledged off from the RMS Titanic was the date setting that the movie took place of. In the movie it was noted that the first launching of the supposed extravagant ship was in April 14, 1912 - the exact date of the launch of the TMS Titanic recorded in history.
The gigantic putrid ship under the ocean was shown when group of treasure hunters explored the location of the sunken ship. The 2000 feet deep sunken ship being shown throughout the movie was actually the real footage of the Titanic that James Cameron have taken in 1995, before the production began (Berardinelli 1997).
From the start, the acknowledgement of the real Titanic was implied by Cameron for primarily depicting the real one rather than the production's improvised version of it. ...
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As big as the film and its feat, the 1997 movie Titanic is a huge hit both in the history of the cinema and the history of the real event it portrayed. The fame of the Titanic movie and the fame of the RMS Titanic in 1912 can almost visualize in the equal hype in each eras…
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