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Evaluate critically the effectiveness of large scale surveys in measuring flexible employment in the UK - Essay Example

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Evaluate critically the effectiveness of large scale surveys in measuring flexible employment in the UK

Similarly, it is difficult to see with any clarity how these present drivers of the "new economy" will be changing the world of work and related issues. All that is known for sure is that the changes will be equally unpredictable and diverse. Work in the new economy or the information age is fundamentally different fro the industrial economy. The world is shifting to the "New Wave" information technology led economy. However, regulatory environments, social norms or academic research have to cope with both industrial age and new economy at the same time. It is generally accepted through large-scale surveys on the changes in employment that, above all, flexible employment is here to stay. What is not clear from surveys is the definition of what such work should be. In any case, the present version of flexible employment fails to keep pace with fast changing technological environments in Britain. Surveys, government sponsored or funded by private bodies, do not show how trends in employment impact families, gender specific situations, and the work force in general.
A flexible work force is paid normal rates to fulfil work, which is just adequate to require its services. The question is tied to fiscal and business issues. This deserves to be examined with the relevant perspectives in mind. Current research needs to adapt to changing situation. (Tones & Tilford, 2001)
This is not merely an academic concern. ...
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Over two decades or so, the nature of the employment in the UK has been transformed from regular jobs to work, which is more of a flexible nature. There are no assurances of job stability. It is a generally accepted view that this change is now widespread…
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