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Canada's Immigration Policy - Essay Example

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The problems associated with ageing populations, low birth rates and skilled worker shortages are not exclusive for the four countries that currently have established immigration plans: Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand. Other industrialized countries such as the members of the European Union and Japan are also reconsidering their position regarding attracting foreign workers into their countries.

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Canada's Immigration Policy

There is also apparent shift in the profile of immigrant source countries in the past several years. Added to this is the fact that more and more people are moving from one place to another worldwide and the perceptible competition in the international economy to attract skilled workers.
Movement of people across continents has been a global trend during the advent of long distance travel. Reasons behind this phenomenon are various. These include escaping political, economic, environmental persecution and problems. For some families, the more pressing reasons can be search for better opportunities and safer, more secure living conditions.
Given the availability of manpower resources in the different parts of the world and the surplus of families applying immigrant status in Canada, the problem of sustaining the country's economy seems to be solved. However, the process of immigration is not as simple. There must be appropriate and efficient governmental and provincial policies to facilitate this process. This is the function of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada: to draft a structural framework and policies for handling immigration issues of the country.
This paper aims to assess these immigration policies and their i ...
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