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Company Analysis Paper - Essay Example

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Dell is an American company which deals with computer and computer related products, the company employs over 78,000 employees, this company is the second largest company in the computer industry while Compaq is the largest. The company was funded by Michael Dell in 1984 hence the name Dell.

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Company Analysis Paper

Dell has been successful in the computer industry while other companies such as Sony and Toshiba have not made as much as Dell. In the computer industry the products that are produced have a very short life cycle and for this reason products quickly become obsolete. Toshiba and Sony have only tried to make a steady supply of their products but in the computer industry this is not very important, what is important in the computer industry is flexibility. Flexibility means that a volume of one product is supplied quickly and when there is a change in technology a company must switch quickly and offer the new product to the market.1
Dell has succeeded in changing their products when a new technology emerges. This is followed by a well organised supply chain where products are offered in the market, for this reason therefore Dell has been successful due to their quick adoption to new technology that emerge in the production of computers and computer products.
The other reason why Dell has been successful is the adoption of a sophisticated supply network, Dell products are shipped directly from the supplier to the end customer, customers will only order their products and they are directly delivered to them, this has ens ...
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