The Vermont Teddy Bear

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The Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Inc. is a leader in the toy industry relying chiefly on customers' loyalty and unique image of the product. The company was founded in 1981 by John Sortino and in several years, it manufactured the best teddy bears in America maintaining high-speed growth through unique product design and technological innovations introduced into practice.


Political-legal forces acting upon the Vermont Teddy Bear allocate power and provide constraining and protecting laws and regulations. The company does not influenced greatly by political changes. Legal changes had a greater impact on the company caused by changing international situation and increased competition, high taxes and corporate expenses the main changes took place at the end of the 1990s when European market altered parameters of international competition and enforced a period of reassessment. In spite of the fact that the Vermont Teddy Bear is a national company, these changes affected its sales and profitability. Environmental changes suggest that the opening up of the market and the resultant increased competition has widened the perspective of the planning framework with profound implications. The threat was that the removal of physical barriers and the new-found freedom of movement around the European market have increased international expansion and in so doing raise the degree of European trade. According to the case study, in 2000 the Vermont Teddy Bear had a decline in its operations. Failure in investment activities at the end of 1990s led to declining of financial situation and crisis (Stacey 1996).
The social environment includes general forces that do not directly touch on the ...
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