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Analysis Research/Essay on WWII

Is the search for one man among millions either rational or moral, considering the numbers of men who are risked in the operation
Essentially this is a rhetorical question that is never answered, but along the way Spielberg examines many characteristics of WWII, especially of the D-day landings and the final year of the war which subsequently occurred. The theme of memory is essential to Saving Private Ryan: - the film starts with an elderly man walking along the now peaceful seashore of France, closely followed, but at a respectful distance, by his family. He is obviously remembering things that they cannot possibly understand, but which they will be a witness to. In many ways the dutiful family are representative of the movie's audience (the vast majority of whom did not fight on D-Day) as well as perhaps Steven Spielberg himself.
One of the major differences between Saving Private Ryan and other movies which have attempted to show a more positive aspect to war (for example The Longest Day) is that Spielberg is not attempting to whitewash the full horrors of war. ...
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Saving Private Ryan was the latest in a number of movies dealing with WWII which appeared about the time that the realization started to spread that in fact this generation was starting to pass away at a rapid rate. The idea of the movie was to commemorate this "greatest generation" (Brokaw, 2004)before it was too late…
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