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My Strengths are my ability to work around any complicated situation, flexibility to work under various environments and the desire to work and learn different upcoming challenges in whatever task I take up.
I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Built Environment and am looking for a full-time position the field.


Considering my educational background in Built Environment at the Westminster University, I feel I have much to offer to your company and its growth. Apart from giving me an opportunity to execute my skills, it would be an experience of personal and professional development for me. I specialize in the area of Property and Construction Sector I have a diploma in the field of Architecture and Built Environment module from the Westminster University last year. My computer related skills will provide an added benefit where efficiency is concerned.
I have experience as a part-time Estimator at O'Neill & Brennan in London where I worked during the last year of University. This profile helped me gain extra qualifications pertaining to the construction sector and has inspired me to specialize in this field of study in my career.
I have taken extra courses about property evaluation during the last semester of my University work which has given me the confidence to work as Estimator/Senior Estimator. Please find my C.V attached. I would appreciate your evaluation regarding my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
This correspondence is to enquire whether you have a vacancy in your company as an Estimator/ S ...
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