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Gilligan is imperative on the thinking that the conception of the moral domain is comprised of at least two moral orientations, and that these orientations raise new questions about observed differences in moral judgment and the disappointments to which they give rise. Factors such as the necessary distinction between differences in developmental stage and differences in orientation are strong issues in her discussion, and it is stated pronouncedly that her research on moral orientation derives from an observation which was made in the course of studying the relationship between moral judgment and action. Gilligan also speaks strongly about the issue of abortion, explaining that the language of the public abortion debate reveals a specific and significant justice perspective. "Whether the abortion dilemma is cast as a conflict of rights or in terms of respect for human life, the claims of the fetus and of the pregnant woman are balanced or placed in opposition." (p.233)
Gilligan uses various studies in her research ...
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The general position associated with the ethics of care is that in regards to justice, and "the care perspective conceives morale to be a matter of creating and maintaining relationships in which agents respond to the perceived needs of others." (p.229). Although there are both significant differences and similarities in regards to the focus between justice and care, Carol Gilligan's point of view is strong on the focus that people have tendencies to adopt a personal and specific opinion and perspective on topics, and that people also tend to think that there is only one right or better way to think about moral problems; "for example, the same figure can be seen as a square or a diamond, depe…
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