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Crazy Eddie was one of the famous electronic retail stores in New York. Antar's sales tactics and his hard work was the reason behind the shop's success. Antar worked hard to improve his store and it gained more popularity within a short span of time. Antar's relatives were helping him in his shop and they were holding the important positions in the organization…

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His relatives were voluntarily sent out by Antar. (Knapp, 2009). The main reason for the failure is the inability to manage the firm. Since the management comprised of his relatives, Antar did not bother to look after the financial and investment needs. All this contributed to the problematic situation.
The critical issue in the Crazy Eddar's case is the fraudulent activity of increasing the company's profits in the company's balance sheet. This was purposely done by Antar to tide over the situation that prevailed during the 1980's. Antar thought it would solve the financial issues. But it resulted in a problem that provoked the problems in the company's investment. There were several other issues that contributed to the problems in Crazy Eddie.
Antar lacked experience in managing stores and he relied on his relatives to help him whenever there was a problem in the company. The company had a tremendous growth in the initial stages and Antar strived hard to maintain the status of the company. Though it was well received and people often visited the store, the increase in the competition created a wave of fear.
measure to gain investment and capital to improve the company and to expand its operations. ...
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