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Career plans

I have garnered invaluable knowledge with my stint in both the lower and upper echelons of the organizational structure. My exposure to this dynamic organization and interaction with my highly diverse and brilliant colleagues and subordinates have stimulated my interest in finance and impelled me to pursue further studies along this line.
With the advent of myriad challenges in today's world, I reckon that this is the most opportune time for me to accelerate and make my career move. Given the rapid advancements in the field of business coupled with the fast-paced technological changes, I deem that it would be gainful for me to embark on the necessary steps to sharpen my business acumen and enhance my finance and management skills needed to become a good, if not an exceptional CFO.
In this regard, I would like to gain admission to this prestigious academic institution. I fervently believe that undertaking the comprehensive graduate program offered by the school would adequately equip me for this new position I am aiming to fulfill. Its curriculum would be instrumental for my practical training in light of the modern financial breakthroughs.
Moreover, it is in my best interest to improve my skills under the tutelage of the school's premium faculty, which is comprised of highly competent teachers who possess ...
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Armed with my broad financial background and leadership qualities, I believe that my career path is leading me towards becoming a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the near term. This would be a major career advancement which took me years to contrive, thus, I have to adequately prepare myself for the attainment this goal.
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