Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

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Due to increased advancement in technology in various fields such as electronics, and medicine among others manufacturing engineers have advanced their techniques to cater for increasing demand in these other fields of technology.


This paper seeks to outline Layered Manufacturing Technology (LM), Rapid Prototyping (RP) and other techniques used in advanced manufacturing technology in details. It will also establish the correlation between the technology and medicine; that is the use of the technology in manufacture of implants. Lastly the paper will discuss the details of reverse engineering technology as applied in Computer Aided Design (CAD).Advanced manufacturing technology is aspect of advancement in manufacturing technology that enables development of composites and composite materials that are beneficial to manufactures in the market. On the other hand it enhances productivity, efficiency and excellent quality of products manufactured. There are various aspects in the place of advanced manufacturing technology, which include Layered Manufacturing Technology, Computer Numerical Control among others.The Layered manufacturing technology has proved to be very diverse and in application and more so in the field of medicine. This technology though easy to implement since it does not require he contemporary tools needs a very skilled and knowledgeable know-how to implement if the desired results have to be obtained. ...
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