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Essay example - Technology and Jobs

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Industrial revolution that began in 18th century brought the drastic changes in the world. It resulted in economic growth of many countries within a few years. All the countries that utilised the development in industrial sector achieved good results. The technology development entered all the sectors like steel industry, automobile sector, shipping, textiles, and electrical sectors…

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In 1920s American railway employed more than 2, 00,000 people and the number was reduced to only for 40 thousands because of advanced technology. Between 1947 and 1957 there were 10 thousands of workers in oil refineries of America. After 1957 though the production was increased the number of workers was reduced by three percent. However, there is a simultaneous increase in job opportunities for the people who can work with the advanced technology. In automobile division, robots replaced man power, but the people who could operate the robots could retain their jobs. Electronic mails, E-banking and computerization definitely cause the reduction of jobs. One cannot run away from the modern technology to save the jobs, but should use the technological developments to increase the business as well as the employment opportunities.
In the case of reduction of jobs and retrenchment, the role of state can find legality in maintaining the retention as providing employment is part of the duties of the government. If the government confines itself to the regulatory function, one cannot find legality in saving the jobs. ...
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