"The Necklace''

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Guy de Maupassant's "The Necklace" depicts the undoing of a young girl who cannot accept her place in the world. Born into the lower class, Mathilde finds herself yearning for a life a grandeur and eternally unsatisfied with her portion. When she receives an invitation to an affluent social gathering, she is driven to despair over her lack of an appropriate dress.


At the party, Mathilde has a wonderful time, reveling in how glamorous she is on this special night.
However, everything turns sour when Mathilde returns home to find the diamond necklace is gone from her neck. Humiliated at having lost the jewels lent to her in good faith, Mathilde searches local jewelry stores for a similar necklace with which to replace the missing one. Mathilde and her husband spend not only their entire savings, but enter into insurmountable debt in order to purchase a replacement necklace. As a result, they are plunged into abject poverty for ten years, spending every waking hour trying to work off the debt they had accumulated. Mathilde's beauty, once the source of all of her pride, has withered to nothing-her entire life has been ruined by a single twist of fate. In the end, Mathilde finds out that her life has been wasted in vain, as the original necklace she had believed to be diamond, had been a nearly worthless imitation.
This powerful story depicts the tragic downfall of a woman whose essential flaw is vanity. It is because of Mathilde's need to cater to her vanity by pretending to hold a social position she does not, that she borrows the necklace in the first place. Then, her tragic end is sealed by her other fatal flaw: dishonesty. ...
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