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The Art of Negotiation - Essay Example

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The MA in Diplomatic Studies has multiple aims, all of which converge towards the realization of a single objective: the production of diplomats, representatives of states, well-versed in the art of negotiation, not just for the avoidance of conflict, but for the maximization of their country's best interests…

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The Art of Negotiation

Attention, therefore, shall be devoted to the value of negotiation, and the interrelationship between negotiation and intelligence, as learnt throughout the course of this program. Selection of negotiation as the theme was determined by its persistent presence in the greater majority of the themes dealt with and topics covered. Whether explicit or implicit, covert or overt, the importance of negotiation never faded from attention and the imperatives of acquiring a conceptual understanding of this skill for subsequent practical exploitation was an overriding program concern and objective. To illustrate this point, I will use examples from all of the course's theoretical studies, practical experiences and key readings.
The MA in Diplomatic Studies combines between theory and practice, thus, acknowledging diplomacy to be, in part, the practical application of theoretical concepts. As such, academic discussions were consistently grounded in theory, with the aforementioned serving, not only to frame knowledge but, to provide students with interpretive tools as would allow them a more thorough understanding of international affairs and relations.
IR theory emphasised the imperatives of negotiation and the role of intelligence therein. ...
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