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Essay example - Lebanon's Confessional System

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It is difficult to establish a unified system of government when there is shared tension inside a state. In Lebanon, various religious communities were scattered throughout the country. And every person's principal loyalty was to their religious communities…

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To bring together Lebanon's diverse religious and political groups into an organized political system that could equally distribute power as well as harmonize with the system of the neighboring Arab countries is definitely a pain. The forces pulling Lebanon apart seemed to be stronger than those of holding it together.
Initially, the objective of the French commander, General Henri Gouraud in proclaiming the creation of Greater Lebanon is to safeguard the Maronite community. These are Christians that has the largest religious community in the state. The self-proclaimed protector of the Christian communities in Lebanon wanted to make sure these Maronites won't be absorbed into a Syrian Muslim state. And to ensure they will be dependent of France, several predominantly Muslim areas were added to this new state. Hence, the Maronites do not compose the majority of the population.
Political power was based on sectarian affiliations. The Maronites, dependent on French backing to keep their political dominance, assumed political and economic supremacy in their homeland and accepted the Franco-Mediterranean cultural orientation in consequence turned their back to the Arab world. On the contrary, the Sunni Muslims wanted unity with Syria and looked upon the Arabs for their source of cultural identity.
The conflict appeared to be endless. Lebanon, dependent of France, does not have good relationship with the Arabs. ...
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