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Legal Aspects of International finance

Stock is the type of equity security with which most people are familiar. When investors (savers) buy stock, they become owners of a "share" of a company's assets and earnings. In other words, the companies borrowed directly by issuing securities to investors in the capital markets. By contrast, indirect finance involves a financial intermediary between the borrower and the saver. Emerging market bonds is a Security markets in countries such as Mexico and Malaysia that are still developing their industrial base. Investments in emerging markets entail substantial risk with the potential for above-average returns.
The direct or indirect benefits of international trade and finance come primarily from the enlargement of the market and the specialization and more efficient employment of productive resources, as well as technological advances. International transactions involve covenants agreed upon by different countries. The discussion of the paper is about the covenants involved.
Debt covenants, also called banking covenants or financial covenants, are agreements between a company and its creditors that the company should operate within certain limits. Debt covenants are agreed as a condition of borrowing. They may be changed if debt is restructured.( ...
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International finance binds together domestic and global financial transactions in an efficient and competitive way. (Gianaris, 2001). International trade and finance, which promote specialization, productivity, and living standards for all countries, is one of the biggest industries today, and markets for the exchanges of currencies must exist to facilitate such international transactions…
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