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And when trying to present a case for or against something, it is most times not the best idea to leave your case so wide open that even people on your side might have a hard time following the leaps and humps in logic that you make.
Thomson's problem is that she makes ludicrous and twisting jumps into fantastic ideas to try to back up her argument. She is trying and attempting to make a claim and appeal to people's morality, however one cannot successful do that by appealing to their fantasy and imagination! It would be like using a Disney movie to try to make a moral argument about real life, one is merely a representation of another and the subtle similarities can not be carried too far.
However, as she progresses her argument she does exactly that, and uses the idea of out of this world probabilities and unreal situations to try to make her claim. ...
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Abortion is often a tricky issue. Both sides adamantly argue against the other, one side defending all people's right to life; while the other sides violently defends all people's right to choice. It is a touch call for anybody to say either side is one hundred percent right or one hundred present wrong, however it is often much easier to find holes in each side's arguments…
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