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Hormones and the Stressed Brain

One, the mineralocorticoid receptors ( MR's) that control the genes for stabilization of neural activity produced in response to the stress due to the release of corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH)-1 receptor. The glucocorticoid receptors (GRs) which unlike the MRs have low affinity induce agitation in the genes in response to the stress level produced by cortisol. GRs along with CRH-2 receptors, and parasympathetic system of behavioral alteration, aid in storing energy and information for any future occasions. Coordination and balance between the two is important for mental and physical health. Imbalance may occur due to genetic defect, individual experience etc altering the neural signal route controlling memory, emotion etc. Understanding the mechanism of corticosteroid help to find causes behind various stress related ailment like depression.
The individuals response to his/her environment is determined by the stress mediators or management hormones like corticosteroids mostly concentrated in the brain. In a healthy human being with perfectly balanced stress system the response operates is synonymous to the switch on and off responses of an electric fan. Sometimes these mediators may not operate in a balanced and coordinated way as in normal healthy humans. ...
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The brain and body's response to the environment depends on the stress system in the body. Cortisol found in humans or corticosterones in rodents are the important regulators of the stress system in the body. The individual differences in coping with the environment and others depend on them…
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