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Relational Database Application Lifecycle

After modeling the entities with their attributes and defining the relationships between attributes, we have to normalize the model (normalization of data is a process of removing data anomalies and adjusting relations to have several desirable characteristics).
Testing needs to be done to identify and remove errors in the design and implementation of the database, structure and constraints e.t.c. There are two main tasks involved; validation and verification.
Validation checks whether the right solution has been developed to meet the specific requirements while verification checks whether the database has been implemented correctly according to the functional requirements set.
After the database becomes functional the maintenance phase comes into play to ensure smooth working, identification and resolution of problems and further improvements if necessary are made in this stage. (Sumathi & Esakkirajan, 2007)
As the name suggests the above mentioned process is not linear rather it is cyclic. This means that movement can take place to and fro from any stage of the cycle. ...
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The feasibility stage determines identifies and, clarifies the scope, and initial estimated for time, cost, and need for the system. If the project is approved, it is time to move on to the next stage of requirement collection.
Requirements are decided after mutual consultation and agreement among all the users as to what data is to be stored along with the meaning and interpretation of the data elements…
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