Childrens nursing

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Children's Nursing refers to nurturing children from the stage of infancy, till the stage of adolescence. Along with case study, this topic discusses emotional problems faced by children and role of parents, family, nurses, schools, society and government in nurturing and helping them to become good citizens.


In the event of separation / divorce, the child has to adjust to the new circumstances without much choice. In all these situations, the child is the worst affected person whose emotional needs are least cared for by parents and the surrounding people. As a result, it becomes a victim of depression, insecurity, hatred, addiction and no wonder; it becomes a 'threat' to the society in the long run.
1. Children's poor mental health : A child's poor mental health can be recognized by symptoms like excessive anger, fear, sadness , depression and anxiety. Sudden changes in the child's behavior, exercising too much , hurting (Charlotte's act of hurting herself), destroying things. Some of the mental disorders commonly seen in children are depression, ADHD, and conduct disorder.
As many as one in ten children between ages six and twelve experience persistent feelings of sadness - the hallmark of depression. Since children may not be able to express or understand many of the core symptoms that would indicate depression in adults, parents should be aware of some key behaviors-in addition to changes in eating or sleeping patterns-that may signal depression in children:
Treatment is essential for children struggling with depression so that they can be free to develop necessary academic and social skills. ...
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