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The Development of American Film Music - Essay Example

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During the first half of the twentieth century, the American cinema was born in the laboratories, and grows as a means of expression and serves as a means to entertain the masses. American people thanks to three factors: The scientist, artist and businessman…

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The Development of American Film Music

From 1896 to 1903 saw the genesis of the film, and successfully fulfilled its three objectives, juicy field of business, a technique peculiar and a large audience (Littman, 2006, pp. 234-238). This paper discusses the development of American film music with special attention to the late epic scores of Titanic (James Horner), The Extraterrestrial (John Williams) and Planet of the Apes (Jerry Goldsmiths) in a concise and comprehensive way using the sources mentioned in the list of references.
Littman (2006, pp. 234-238) discusses that the first civic screening of a film in the United States occurred in 1896 in New York. The projector had been developed by the inventor Thomas Alva Edison, whose company was also the producer of the shorts. The paternity of the American fiction film is often attributed to Edwin S. Porter, who in 1903 used an innovative technique of montage in the film 8 minutes Assault and robbery of a train by which different fragments from different shots of the same film come together to form a whole narrative.
David Wark Griffith, a disciple of Porter developed using the principles of this panoramic shots and close-ups, as well as parallel assemblies as a means of expression to maintain dramatic tension, which became the most important pioneer of silent movies in States United (Kass, 1998, pp. 78-79). With his works The Birth of a Nation (1915) and Intolerance (1916) began the tradition of film history in his country.
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