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Essay example - Differences and Similarities Between positive and Negative Thinker

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Positive thinker are people who think that they can overcome their problems through the thinking of a solution. Every problem in their lives is directly surrendered to the Lord. Through the help of prayer & thinking that somebody will going to rescue them…

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The more problem coming into their lives the stronger they are. In every depth of problem; they will overcome it. The more fall down into thinking to the solution; the more strong their faith to God. The problem passes by into them the more they enjoy, it. Positive thinker is the people who think that there is a GOD. They believe that every problem that coming into their lives is just a test from the Supreme Being. They believe that God will not going to give a problem that they cannot solve. Deeper the problem deeper the faith in God. Every situation in their lives happier or pain , they going to face it The more test the more perseverance in them. Our lives is only given by GOD. They believe that every cry out into their lives GOD is listening. More and more they persevere. Every problem they face ; they face it with enthusiasm. They think that learning is enjoyable; exciting; learning is just okay; something is required for the job. Activates the world around him positively.
A negative thinker is a person who is more to depressive. In every problem they think that it has a one. They think that God has a favorite child. In every problem the negative thinker is always an opposite traits of a positive person. They always tremble in every problem. They always think of nothing will going to happen even if they tried many times. In their lives they always think that every time they try to speak somebody will going to control them. ...
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