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Homeland Security paper - Essay Example

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1. In the context of the course, we have discussed the difficulties in defining the elements of the post 9/11 phenomenon known as 'homeland security.' We found both the definitions of 'homeland security' and 'terrorism' to be open to debate. Discuss the difficulties in defining both of these terms to include any generally accepted definitions of each term, the source of the definition, and any events or actions that have influenced the development of that definition.

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Homeland Security paper

SAFET Y of the nation. This is the primary aim of the application of the different procedures implied in creating a much safer society that is best to serve the values of the people living within the communities that are known for freedom and popular understanding of democracy. This in particular includes the United States which is understandably noted for its realization of democracy and the importance it particularly makes certain in the different laws and regulations it creates in the ways by which it reconnects itself with all the other nations around the world.
Possibly, through the existence of these major elements of national status, the United States is noted for always assuring that the entire nation is under a specific level of security that nurtures its belief and upholds its dignity towards the importance of democracy among its people. ...
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