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Religion and Abortion

Terminating the life of an innocent human being is a straight murder that has no legal or moral backing. Abortion as a process in itself is a cruel act both for the child and mother.

From religious point of view abortion is a sin. This is just like a murder. Bible does not allow killing of a fetus. Fetus has also feelings, emotions and innocent human psychology after growth for a few weeks in the womb of a mother. In Christianity and particularly in orthodox Christianity, abortion is tantamount to the killing of a child who has yet not seen this world. This sinful act has many immoral bearings on the youths who do this act of sin. It is believed that abortion promotes immorality in the society and it must be avoided. Even where abortion is considered legal a lot of caution must be exercised (Podell 1990).
There are numerous testimonies from the holy bible staunchly condemning the abortion as an inhuman act. ...
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Abortion is immoral; anti social and cruel human act therefore it should be declared immoral. Those who plead in favor of abortion do not have enough legal or moral grounds. …
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