Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Lion Nathan

Case Study
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Lion Nathan is an Australian premium alcoholic beverages company that operates in both Australia and New Zealand. It has ties to James Squire, Australia's first brewer, whose arrival as a convict on the First Fleet and brewing heritage was witnessed by New Zealand in 1840 and by Australia in 1857.


This paper attempts to analyze the sustainable competitive advantage of Lion Nathan using SWOT (Strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis, in which potential improvements may be seen in the identified weaknesses and threats, without overlooking its good points posed as strengths.
Lion Nathan can be acknowledged for its strengths in terms of identifying its core purpose in the business, alongside its vision of making itself Australia's and New Zealand's leading alcoholic beverage company. This is undertaken with a stronghold on the company's identity in the wine industry while making known its values of integrity, passion, acing together, and being sociable. These values, particularly the last one, are usually not found in other beverage companies, making Lion Nathan surge up to its sustainability purposes. It may also be emphasized that beverage companies are not that easy to build positive values and carry them out to the wider public due to the very nature of the business, but Lion Nathan is able to identify values that may be appropriately attached to the product. ...
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