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Essay example - Biomedical Research Model

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Biomedical research model and model systems are the main components which aim at improving human health. Throughout the history of western science the development of biology has gone in hand with that of medicine. Many models had been proposed and one such model is the biomedical model…

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The main reason behind the birth of this model was the influence of Cartesian paradigm on medical thought. This model is considered as the conceptual foundation to the modern medicine. There is a growing perception, however, that the biomedical model cannot fully reflect the broad realities of modern health care (White 1988). This paper focuses on explaining why biomedical model is considered to be outdated.
According to the biomedical model the human body is regarded as a machine that can be analyzed in terms of its parts. Disease is considered to be malfunctioning of certain part in the body. It is based on 'the notion of the body as a machine, of disease as the consequence of breakdown of the machine, and of the doctor's task as repair of the machine.' (George Engel 1977). This approach has a serious shortcoming because by focusing on smaller parts of the body we lose the sight of patient as a human being. Also by considering health as proper functioning of organs we are unable to deal with the phenomenon of healing as it is not only based on physical factors but on psychological factors of the human body.
The concept of health and the concept of life are closely related. Around the globe people follow different cultures and life styles. ...
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