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Tourism in Mediterranean is considered to be a big industry providing employment and income to people and to the government. In spite of the global economic crisis, tourism has remained unaffected in Europe. Tourist arrivals from 260 million in 1990 are expected to come up to 700 million in 2025. (European Environment Agency) Tourism market is expected to remain strong as Mediterranean is considered to be a prime tourist destination in the world. Chart 1 below shows the tourists' arrivals in Mediterranean
2. How does Club-Med respond to expected tourism demands' Club Med is classified as a hotel with products of travel and tourism. It responds to the expected increase of tourism thru its marketing strategies in holiday packages in Club Med villages and realty business of luxury villas.
2.1 Investing in Club Med Villas. Income and investment are two unique ideas that attract tourists and investors in the purchase of luxurious Club Med Villas. The pricing package for a 2-4 bedrooms comes between 992,000' and 1,500,000', completely furnished and has its own swimming pool. Aside from adding value to the property over time, owners may entrust Club Med to have his villa rented for short stay of foreigners, thus providing owner an income from the property. ...
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Marketing strategies are tools used by companies to attract customers to buy products and services. First, it has to attract customers, make them interested, create a desire and drive them to action. This study will analyze strategies used by Club Med to attract tourists to stay at their facilities…
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