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Assignment example - Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems

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The contemporary office work has become totally dependent on automation through the use of computer systems and networking. Even the smallest offices in rural areas of developed countries are using the advantages brought to the world of communications, information management, and data storage and retrieval by computers…

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It is a set of manual and automatic procedures that enable a group of people to share a computer installation efficiently (Hansen 1). This program serve as the primary platform where functional software runs. We have heard about DOS and Windows and perhaps are over-familiar with these things. Along these platform categories there belong different types of individual real names for operating systems. Microsoft, Apple, Linux, and other names are similarly popular. Their functions maybe the same but their suitability may differ depending on the preference and convenience of the user.
There are several leading names on office network operating systems. Among these names, there are two, which are most commonly used and adopted by different offices and organizations worldwide. The competing leaders of the commercially available operating systems are Microsoft Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems.
Considering the latest versions of these products, let us therefore evaluate the performances of Windows Vista from Microsoft and Mc OS X from Macintosh based on the office network requirements. In addition, file handling and other office functionality of the systems must also be evaluated. ...
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