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Project Management #1

The origin of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) or modern version of it known as project life cycle can be traced back to the 1960's when project designers and developers initiated a series of steps in projects in order to track down the progress of a project. As early as in 1976 Archibald first wrote a comprehensive text book on project life cycle management (Archibald, 1976). He came closest to the modern sequence of phases given in SDLC. After Archibald a number of other scholars developed the concept of SDLC so that any project including engineering and IT can be represented.
In 1981 Stuckenbruck developed a very formal sequence of phases to represent the project life cycle (Stuckenbruck, 1981). According to Stuckenbruck PLC is essential to adequately represent the various phases of a project from initiation to finish. Stuckenbruck was the first author to discuss budgeting and resource mapping for PLC. According to him there are just four phases in the life cycle of a project. They are Initiation, Growth, Production and Shutdown (Tinnirello, 1999). The figure he drew just represented a unimodal histogram. Writers tend to distinguish between government projects and private projects. ...
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Project life cycle or life span is defined as "the sequence of phases through which the project will evolve" (Wideman, 2004). The project life cycle matters in design planning and final execution phases. The time cycle is directly associated with the life span of the project so that from the time of design the project till its final phase of full implementation the life cycle will evolve from one phase to the other…
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