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child psychology

During the childhood of Jennie Hawthorne, there were no any takeaway meals or frozen meals, and there are still no computers and no refrigerators and this is far different from the common environment of children. The life of Jennie Hawthorne in Bethnal Green is full of struggles, from her own family, environment, and herself; however, these factors influenced and transforms her life.
Hundred of studies already documented the association between poverty and children's health, achievement, and behavior. There is an observed correlation between poverty and child outcomes, and it has an effect on child and adolescent well being. The income of a family appears to be strongly related to the children's ability and achievement than to their emotional outcomes. In the life of Jennie Hawthorne, she grew up in a family that full of struggles in life and poverty, she even needs to quit from school and go working. Most of her life, she had illnesses and it affects her childhood life. Their community is full of crimes, and she still recalls everything that she witnessed.
Children who lived and experienced poverty have lower rates of school completion. Jennie Hawthorne encountered inadequate nutrition and fewer learning experiences, instability of residence, exposed to environmental toxins, family violence, and dangerous streets. ...
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Jennie Hawthorne was born in 1916; she spent her formative years in the heart of the East End. There was a vivid account of growing up and it described with humor and passion. Jennie Hawthorne struggles from crisis to crisis, crime was just an ordinary part in their community, and illnesses…
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