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Quize in Health & Safety

In many of those situations there was no individual to blame because there was a long chain of command and the seniors were not aware of the risks of the actual work whereas the juniors were just carrying out their jobs. As a result no on could be blamed for any cases of work related death. Surprisingly current laws require that an individual is pinpointed for any disaster that occurs in a company. This is extremely difficult at larger corporations as a result of which only small companies have been prosecuted to date. (Economist)
The main purpose of the new law is to ensure stronger action against organisations for which the existing law has little or no importance and application. This new offence nevertheless does not increase or reduce individual responsibility but instead provides a distinguishable basis for what can be best called the criminal liability of organisations. The new law will no doubt improve safety levels in companies as it shall apply when someone has been killed because the senior management has "grossly failed to take reasonable care for the safety of employees or others". (Paton)
The existing law on corporate manslaughter is unsatisfactory. ...
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Today's world is full of competition which. This competition has resulted in companies and corporations putting in extra effort and reducing costs to save money to compete. Some of these cost savings and extra effort are at the expense of employee safety. As a result in May 2000 the Home Office published its consultation paper reforming the Law on Involuntary Manslaughter…
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