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Business Law, Policy, and Ethics

It is important to set up the site properly so as to protect the business (for example, by ensuring that your terms are accepted before transactions proceed to contract formation), and to comply with the law.
Betty was willing to buy BMWS from Andrew thus why she discussed prices and various options with Andrew. Betty said wanted 12 cars top of the range and the next day Andrew telephoned Betty leaving a message on Betty's telephone answer machine offering to sell the cars for $ 38,000 each .in order for an offer to be an enforceable contract, certain basic requirements must be present. There must be an agreement based upon genuine concert of the parties supported by consideration and made for a lawful object between competent parties. (Hussain pg 114, 2002). An offer may be byword of mouth in writing or by conduct.
After the discussion between Betty and Andrew the Later agreed to sell the BMWS at $ 38,000 each which was communicated to Betty. The moment a person express his acceptance of an offer the very moment the contract is concluded and does not matter whether the acceptance is byword of mouth or in witting. A contract is complete only when acceptance is actually communicated to the offer. Betty accepted to buy the $ 38,000 through an email she sent to her personal assistance (Carol) who forwarded it to Andrew. ...
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The majority of businesses selling online have totally inadequate terms and conditions. Although a dull topic, it is nevertheless crucial to your business to consider the small print. Businesses need to regulate and have written procedures for use of technology both internally and externally…
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