The male skincare market in UK

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The skincare market is no longer a market beamed towards women alone. Men are increasing their market share on skincare products. Not so long ago that it used to be difficult to find a man who would openly admit using skincare products or expressing concern for their face and skin.


The purpose of this research will be to critically reviewing male skincare market, including the aspect of overview, influence and forecast of the male skincare market in UK. This research employed a survey as research methodology using the questionnaires method to select 50 randomly picked people as respondents gathering the detailed in- depth data to achieve this research.
Statistics reveal that about a third of British men use moisturizers on a daily basis. Men have eventually decreased their lack of enthusiasm for purchasing skin care products because of heavy endorsements from male celebrities such as football superstar David Beckham, singer Justin Timberlake and actor Jude Law. In a recent poll made by TNS, it was revealed that about 73% of British males buy their own moisturizers rather than letting their female partner select and purchase it for them. Reports from Datamonitor also reveal that British men spend about 920 million a year on personal hygiene products, 278m a year on haircare products, 88m on fragrances and 65m on skincare products (, 2005). ...
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