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Training Effectiveness

Employees are supposed to be equipped with some form of expertise such as knowledge, skill and attitudes regardless of the position he/she holds in an organisation. At the same time, it is not necessary that one should have all the expertise that the organisation demands from time to time. He/she may have to equip himself/herself with the current needs of the organisation that strives to maintain its survival amongst its rivals. This calls for imparting knowledge and training to all employees irrespective of the status/position. Training and development has become a necessity in the present day organisation as they have to meet many challenges posed by their environment in general and competitors in particular.
Induction training is meant for employees who join the firm for the first time. In fact, the firm is known for its excellence in training programs and its induction training programs is one of the trainings recommended by Retail Industry Awards, 2004 (our people). At this juncture, it is desirable to have a deep knowledge about the training programs conducted by the firm and its effectiveness. The study mainly seeks to investigate how successful are the training programs of the firm to be reflected in the employee performance and organisational development.
Employee training and development is one of the fascinating areas for researchers who are interested in exploring new insights from human resource development and workers’ empowerment. Modern organizations have realized that employee performance is a prerequisite for organizational success and as a result training and development programs are vital for organizational survival and success. ...
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The present research is undertaken at the Somerfeild to evaluate its effectiveness in meeting the demands of the employees and organisational objectives. This firm already a number of training packages such as induction and familiarisation packages. …
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