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Why do elderly people prescribed with assistive daily living devices abandon them

As well, this study shall extend current limited knowledge of the processes for gaining informed consent of the elderly.
Elderly participant recruitment shall take place within the city of [.] in the UK. Adult nursing home services shall provide elderly clients and their families with a brochure to let them know about the study, and there will also be a posting in the local newspaper for two weeks. Elderly clients who are eligible for this study will be outpatients who have been prescribed an AD within the last two years. A non-probability sampling recruitment was chosen because of the specific characteristics of the target population (i.e., elderly, living at home, have been prescribed an AD, and receive visits from an adult nursing service), and so a random sample would not be feasible (Shank, 2002). Purposive sampling is a non-probabilistic sampling technique that has the will advantage this study because the sample size does not have to be determined before the research, and this study's sample will be constrained by time and available resources (Shank, 2002). Purposive sampling allows selection criteria to be used to determine eligibility of the participant (Shank, 2002). ...
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Study Purpose: Assistive devices (ADs) are technology in the form of high-tech or low-tech devices that can assist the independence of the older person who experiences a disability. There is concern amongst the adult nursing community, as well as other health service providers, that many of the ADs prescribed are abandoned by elderly patients (Freedman, Agree, Martin & Corman, 2006; Gitlin, 1996; Hartke, 1998)…
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