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Shakespeare's Hamlet

(Showalter Elan 77-94)
Ophelia is an imaginary character in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. She is a dignified young woman of Denmark and is the daughter of Polonius, Laertes' sister and the love of Prince Hamlet. Though Ophelia has a possibility of turning out to be a tragic heroin by overcoming atrocities afflicted to her, she succumbs to insanity and becomes just a catastrophic character. She is not used in the play to represent the overall nature of women, but simply to show how her love Hamlet view women due to the attitude he has towards his mother. (Showalter Elan 77)
She is portrayed as one who is the essence of goodness, very nave and unaware of difficulties of life. She is also loyal to her father and brother in that when they advice her to keep away from Hamlet, she agrees to it without questioning even though her love for Hamlet is strong.She has a pure heart and is very honest in that the only time when she tells a lie, about her eavesdropping father, she does it out of fear. She is timid in response to her suffering in such a way as not to defend herself from Hamlet's brutality when he killed her father but loves him to the very end when she dies tragically (Showalter Elan 78)
Getrude is Hamlet's mother and is the direct opposite of her ...
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Hamlet by Shakespeare is the most renowned play in the English language and can be said to have been probably written in the year 1601 or 1602 .It is a tragedy which is a milestone in the playwright's remarkable development. Shakespeare achieved his maturity in this work via brilliant representation of the hero's resistance against two conflicting forces, moral uprightness and the desire to avenge his father's murder…
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