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Why is global distribution more difficult than domestic distribution

Distribution is one of the main parts of marketing. There are actually many kinds of distribution channels. This could include wholesalers, retailers, agents, direct sales, and the overseas and Internet distributors. When products are manufactured, they are normally shipped to the distributor. The distributor then puts them in the market in some ways for the customers or retailers to buy.
According to Philip Kotler, another distinguished professor of International Marketing said that the distribution channels can have several levels (www.wikipedia.org). He stated that the simplest level, otherwise known as the "zero-level" channel, has no intermediaries engaged. The next level, called the "one-level" channel, presents one intermediary such as; for manufacturing goods a distributor and in consumer goods a retailer. It would be practical if these two levels are applied in small markets. However, in larger markets, the "second-level" is more appropriate to use. A wholesaler, for instance is largely used to expand the distribution to the great number of a few, neighborhood retailers.
Global distribution is a type of distribution wherein products manufactured by a company are delivered to all the markets worldwide. ...
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Marketing is a communal process which prioritizes in distinguishing the wants of the customers. To focus on a certain want, we usually lead these customers to the product or services that best fits this want. Indeed, marketing is a basic way to promote business growth…
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