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Hillary Clinton Campaign

An excellent writing skill must be employed for an intelligent idea could be senseless without it being well-expressed. Though base on his/her opinion, the writer must be very careful with such strong emotions or personal bias as that could be a hinder in presenting a rational explanation. Prior to writing, the author must first check his own view specially if it was from an incoherent source or was formed many years ago.
Faludi, on the first part of her article had made a concise yet substantial view of the current politics in America as she creatively relates it to the gender issue using the masculine myth as she expound on Boone's "Rescue" tableau. Her struggle to convince her reader to adhere to her strong preference towards McCain has been made very obvious as she presents the facts in a very explicit manner that displays McCain's masculinity in contrast to Obama's femininity. She needs not to make a last statement her conclusion because it has been clear in every part of her text. This discrimination, however, could possibly elicit the danger of appearing so biased that the reader would not want to continue reading knowing that they would be presented with the same presentation of the same argument. ...
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Argumentative text aims to convince the reader towards the author's own perception. It tries to persuade others to concur with its truth and accept its conclusion with its eloquence. An attribute presented by The New York Times columnists Susan Faludi, Gail Collins and Bob Herbert on their texts covering the election campaigns of both democratic and republican party dealing with gender issues in Hillary Clinton's campaign race and its consequences…
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