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International Relations Theory

Realism helps us see how the lack of hierarchy in authority at the systemic level creates rules that confine the choices available to states. Similarly, the emphasis on power explains why some states are more successful in achieving their goals than are others. This approach to world politics called realism has a long, distinguished history and offers a coherent, parsimonious explanation for much of what goes on across the globe.
Realism theory is different from liberalism and postinternationalism. Liberalism promotes the freedom to pursue economic gain, liberty to participate in the affairs of public life, respect for political human rights, and minimal government. Postinternationalism comes from the presumption that accelerating change and deepening complexity are the major tendencies at work in the world. Realism, liberalism, and postinternational polaics paradigms have some common elements but they also rest on different and contradictory, premises.
Hans Morgenthau (1948) first expounded a theory on international relations which explained the past and current events and which will be the likely direction and shape of future relations. Morgenthau's ideas is similar to writings on world politics and represented continuity with the past. ...
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The most coherent and useful theory is that which assumes that states matter more than any other global entity. The realism theory is a coherent theory which simplifies one's understanding of the world. The theory's parsimony accounts for much of world politics…
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