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The theory of wound care fro Podiatry

They may be chronic or acute, and open or closed. The patient presented with a full thickness ulcer measuring 8 mms in diameter of approximately 6 months duration and the tissues around the ulcer are acutely inflamed. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis may develop leg and foot ulcers of varied aetiologies, including venous disease, infection and inflammation. The foot ulcers in rheumatoid arthritis patients may involve several of these aetiological factors and are often difficult to heal (Sunita). Both the ulcers and the treatments are often painful, and these ulcers may be present for years. Chronic wounds plague more than 10 million people in the world today. But even more troubling is the fact that these wounds may persist for months and even years without any healing or sign of improvement (Morgan 25). The problem is usually, if not always, not the wound itself; and therefore treating the wound will not, in chronic cases, resolve the issue. Chronic wounds have underlying causes that must be addressed in order for the wound to heal properly. Because normal skin and wound care is not enough to heal these wounds they usually remain for extended periods of time. As a rule, only 50% of leg ulcers heal within 4 months of appearing, 20% remain open at 2 years and 8% remain open at 5 years (World Wide Wounds). ...
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The case of Mrs. Freeman entails not only providing treatment to the more obvious problem, which is the foot ulcer, but also providing treatment, or at least temporizing measures, for the underlying problems. These issues should be addressed in order to provide the most plausible and appropriate treatment for the patient.
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